What image do you have in your head when you hear “cucumber salad”? Immediately I think of a large, silver bowl with limp cucumber slices in a creamy sauce, with some freeze-dried dill. The whole thing at a not really attractive salad self-service buffet. Not the first choice likely to reach for. Somehow this picture of slack cucumber salad with “white sauce” runs through my memories. The fact that cucumber salad can also be completely different becomes apparent when you simply pep up the cucumbers in an Asian way. With chili, coriander and a delicious sauce made from soy sauce and peanut oil. Topped with a few crunchy peanuts, the whole thing is anything but flabby and boring. Rather, it goes in the direction of “hot and spicy”.

Thai cucumber salad

SKU: 1206
  • 1 serving

    • Thai cucumber salad,
    • Cucumber,
    • Fish sauce ,
    • Green coriander,
    • Chilli pepper
    • White wine vinegar
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