Our Story:

We are a young Swiss family,

who reside in Davos after several years abroad.

We lived and traveled in different countries.

During our travels there was rarely or only limited space and cooling for food.

​The shops and restaurants were already closed on arrival.

The experiences gained during this time from our trips,

helped us a lot with the establishment of Food 2 You.

A story from personal experience:

Today the anticipation is huge at home,

because it is finally so far we continue to travel.

After a not entirely stress-free and late arrival we have arrived.

We have the keys to our new accommodation.

Now just carry our luggage in and relax.

The steps to the fridge is unconsciously familiar,

because hunger is slowly becoming noticeable.

I open the door and with horror I find

that here as in many other destinations the refrigerator has light and cools, but is empty.

What do we do all the shops and restaurants are already closed?

We go to bed hungry and will continue to look tomorrow.

The trip and the empty stomach had an impact

on our sleep and the mood the next morning.

We imagined the start of our stay differently.

As always, the disappointment was great.



These and many other questions we asked ourselves every time on arrival:

What do we eat?

Restaurant or cooking yourself?

Is the supermarket nearby and open?

Do they have what we need and want?

Do we all go shopping or just someone?

Or a restaurant after all?

Which restaurant has good reviews?

Is it family friendly?

Restaurant visit after this arrival?

Through our own experiences

​and from others,

This is a major negative point

upon arrival in a new place.

Food 2 You is your Solution!

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 Food 2 You by Plüss

Promenade 87,

7270 Davos Platz